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What in the World is the Cloud?

What in the World is the Cloud?

First off, I have to admit something, I work for a Consulting firm, mostly Managed IT Services, but we do Digital Marketing as well.  This is really hard to admit, since I of all people know the importance of backing up every bit of technology in our lives, my personal computer crashed last night.  Motherboard is fried, computer no workie!  The question running through your heads now is, “Did you have a backup?”  And the answer is no.  What?!  A guy that actually sells backup services hasn’t been backing up, ridiculous, I know!  I know that I’m not the first, or the last, to lose everything this way.  The question is, how do we keep this from happening again?  What if this would have been my business computer, or even our business server?! 

The future is here ladies and gentlemen, we now have the ability to store all of our priceless data hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.  The first answer is………the CLOUD; and it’s not going anywhere, because it’s everywhere!

What in the world is this Cloud thing?

To understand the “Cloud” we need to look back to the good ol’ days of storing every picture, file, and song on an actual piece of hardware, whether it is a floppy disk, hard disk, or CD.  But in today’s world you are able to stream music, movies, even Netflix straight to your phone with barely any downloading, these products are “stored in the Cloud.”

Why is the Cloud so Amazing?

There’s a bunch of reasons! (Here’s a list):

  1. Your data “lives” somewhere else, so you can access it from anywhere, on multiple devices.
  2. MY FAVORITE RIGHT NOW, everything is saved somewhere else, so if your hard drive crashes, you have an instantaneous backup!
  3. Less power is needed from your devices.  Since you are streaming music or movies, you don’t need to download as much to your personal hard drive.

What to watch out for with Cloud Services.

There are a couple of issues, albeit small but still need to be mentioned.  First, you need to ensure that your bandwidth or data packages allow you to stream as much as you want.  Like we mentioned before, not as much will be allocated towards your computer, but some still will be.  Bandwidth also ties in with internet costs, if you’re using your cell phone you need to make sure that you don’t go over your limits, if you have any!

Secondly, and pretty important, you must have an internet connection to get to your stuff!  Seems pretty common sense, but you’d be shocked how many people can’t figure out why they aren’t able to watch movies when they can’t even get 3G service.

Last, you need to make sure that you put strong passwords on all of your data.  You need to make sure that your data is still safe even if the Cloud gets a bit stormy!

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